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GetMyIP di asder

Get Your IP

Shellcodes Crypter b di Shen139

Crypted Shellcode Generator (Windows/Linux)

ASS2 di Shen139

Advanced Shen139' Shellcode 2

OpenWebSpider di Shen139

The Open Source Web Spider And Search Engine

Ping SweepeR di Styx^

This is a ping sweeper. It scans a range of ip to see how many host are online or not. With this code, you can know quickly how many host there are into a network.

frh di Traktopel

FreeBSD rootkit hunter.

yasp di Traktopel

Yet another syn port scanner

traked di Traktopel

a syscall table hooking in freebsd.

yass di Traktopel

A shellcode for freebsd.

yais di Traktopel

Yet another inverse shell.

Format string bug Finder di FAiN182

Questo codice ricerca Format String Bug in sorgenti scritti in C.

Iis Isapi Vulnerabilities Checker v 1.0 di Styx^

This checker scans a range of ip and checks the iis 5.0/1 sp1/2 .printer ISAPI extension buffer overflow vulnerability.

Shellcodes Crypter a di Shen139

Crypted Shellcode Generator (Windows/Linux)

sheap di Shen139

sheap = Shellcode + Heap

APK di Tiger87

Un esempio di portknocking in C.

OCS di OverIP

Scanner in versione beta per vulnerabilitÓ router cisco. Per ora testa le password di telnet e di enable mode di default.

sniffinrox di Shen139

Uno sniffer scritto in kernel-land.

Network Stresser 0.7 di Shen139

La versione 0.7 del Network Stresser di Shen139.

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